• references: fill in reference blocks with relevant snippets of the docs
  • editing: integrate with for on-the-fly editing
  • allow publishing through Notion API?
  • links: distinguish internal from external links
    • signify common link sources with icons, e.g., Wikipedia or
    • populate tippy popover for external link with thumbnail of site
  • tags: figure out how to make frontmatter tags and inline hashtags into links to those entitled notes
  • auth!
  • backlinks: list backlinks on each note as footnotes
  • search
  • PWA?
  • sort _notes/intend/concepts
  • sort _notes/remember/ux
  • sort _notes/remember/Devsign
  • make linking to tags within posts more automated





  • figure out where to put the notes from roam that are in the roam folder
  • remove private docs before publishing via Github Pages
  • publish this to the commonplace repo
  • sync my todos here and on my phone somehow (using GitJournal app for Android)
  • answer Gloria Lin's 50q-for-cofounders
  • decide between jekyll/gh-pages, gatsby/netlify, next/vercel for publishing (now using foamy-nextjs)
  • promise.then is not a function on initial page load
  • links to nested docs are treated as absolute not relative
  • frontmatter: capture and parse frontmatter as metadata for note templates