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What I want is choice in the matter of themes.

  • What if you could walk into a field of flowers and then with a blink, change the whole field into any flower of any color or fragrance you like. #toExpand

As a user I want to see an new interface, choose a color palette I like, either by choosing a color and having the interface fill in the blanks, or by choosing a harmoniously design palette.

  • Either way I want the site/app/interface to remember my preference when I return.
  • And I would love the interface to predict whether I prefer a certain discrete look (like "dark mode" or "light mode") so I don't have to make that choice again at all.

All aboard the logic train

  • When a guests arrives we check for past prefs.
    • If they have localStorage prefs from us, we use those.
      • window.localStorage.getItem('theme')
    • If they have matchMedia prefs, we use those.
      • window.matchMedia("(prefers-color-scheme: ${theme-name}").matches
    • If they don't have prefs, we can play with the browser-time
      • and if we know the local time of day, we use day or night mode
      • and we can't know the local time, we use default mode
  • If the user sets a theme preference or chooses a theme, we save and apply the pref
    • Store the value in localStorage
      • window.localStorage.setItem('theme', 'theme-name')
    • Apply the pref throughout the app
      • as a [data-theme] on the HTMLElement
      • as a .theme-${name} class on the body

Back to the Station - the theme switch on nameless

checkThemePref() {
let savedTheme, mediaPref, dayOrNight;
const tiempo = new Date().getHours();
if (window.localStorage) { savedTheme = localStorage.getItem("theme") || "default" }
if (window.matchMedia("(prefers-color-scheme)").media !== "not all") {
mediaPref = window.matchMedia("(prefers-color-scheme: dark)").matches ? "night" : "day"
if (tiempo) dayOrNight = tiempo < 7 && tiempo > 19 ? "night" : "day";
return savedTheme || mediaPref || dayOrNight;

On nameless I got to feeling that the themes ought to feel natural, to evoke familiar fundamental conditions: light and dark, day and night, wet and dry, sea and sky and land. Here in commonplace we're exploring this further, and more easily thanks to the next-themes library. Yes I've ripped out my handroll and gone with the herd 😝

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