Why I Chose Foamy NextJS

Foamy-NextJS draws on three of my favorite toyls:

  • Foam
  • VSCode
    • super fast, rich, easy, extensible
    • I gave up Neovim for this
    • Between all the language servers, tabnine, eslint, prettier, standard, it pretty much writes my code for me.
  • Next.js
    • fast, versatile, and familiar. last but not least, I was already familiar if not marginally proficient with Next, thanks to their blog starter kit that I turned into Easeness - check it out at Easeness.biz. I was able to copy-paste my moonface themeswitch component and it worked in 15 seconds.
    • Next offers the best of both worlds: server-side static generation for lightning fast page loads and routing among the thousands of notes here, and the dynamic, systematic flexibility of React Components, and more!
Why I Chose Foamy NextJS