Well of Being Characters

We are relationship.


  • a fool
  • born OΞ»ΞΉΞΊΟŒΟ‚ EλΡγχος ("total control") in reins
  • grew up on the Mediterranean
  • A lucky fool who seeks the Well
  • Adventures around the world
  • reads Anumaan fervently
  • Tarot: Fool, Star, Page of Coins


  • una idiota
  • the crone who wears the forest on her skin
  • lives in a hut deep in the Siberian wilderness
  • knows the song of Nature by heart
  • makes soup out of the forest floor
  • Hermit, High Priestess


  • a lunatic
  • Shubh Anumaan ("lucky guess" in Hindi)
  • a goatherd in the Hindu Kush
  • his father, Bavandar ("tornado" in Hindi) is a Sarmouni dervish
  • his mother died in childbirth
  • best friend is Aina, his mother's mother reincarnated as a goat


  • cretin
  • Ruskie Comrade
  • oil magnate's trust fund baby boy
  • descendent of the ancient unearther of the Codex
  • descendant of Anumaan

It had been Hugo's distant ancestor millennia ago who had popped the gemstone vein and exposed the Codex. In his own lifetime, Hugo had built a hundred billion dollar empire drilling and fracking the Earth's crust, mowing down the jungles and rainforests, and nearly boiling the oceans with his survey expeditions in search of the Well fabled by the Codex.


  • fool
  • linguist polymath
  • possibly a hologram

Gracie had combed the backcountry of seven continents.


  • moron
  • aka Q
  • ancient riddler
  • academic many-brains

Quentin (Q) had read every book ever written about the Codex.


  • one of the pioneers of the transhuman movement
  • a introverted, reclusive, bionic extreme athleisure model
  • cretin fool lunatic moron idiot
  • techie transhuman superhuman plural consciousness

Trix was more machine than human at this point. She could give you incredibly precise data describing the present moment in thousands of dimensions a nanosecond at a time with impeccable recall.

All the while Trix had a thousand eyes on the situation, was analyzing the hut, and Osa, and each of them, the air temperature, humidity, and the wind currents, the soil composition, the architecture of the hut, this precise location in relation to every sacred site on the planet, and even the chemical makeup of the soup ….


Defining Idiots, Cretins, and Somesuch

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Characters of Anumaan's Realm


"lucky guess" goatherd Shubh Anumaan later an emanent Codician


"mirror image" goat friend


"cyclone" father of Shubh


stepmon of Shubh "willow"


"planeswalkers" crystal giants

need names for the Moonbridge and Sunbridge

Well of Being Characters