The Well of Being

We know all about the Well. It's in there, waiting at heart center, at the bottom of your soul, echoing what you know.

Here I am developing a multiverse of stories situated around the Well of Being.

The most developed story in this space so far tells us about Ollie and the Well of Being. Here's a PDF of that.

Along the way, in Anumaan and the Well of Being, we meet Anumaan, a goatherd in the Hindu Kush c. 44000 BP.

We also encounter Fil and the Well of Being, and Hugo, Gracie, Trix, and, Quant.

The stories share Well of Being Characters and Well of Being Concepts.

Previous drafts of Ollie's tale:

All of which began in a silly little Moleskine where I gave myself license to write anything. This is an exercise I must repeat.

The creation myth in these 'verses is called Dust Nugget. There have been previous iterations:

And there is more in the beat-up yellow notebook #toArchive and #toTranscribe.

There are many dust nuggets to come. Khalil Gibran, anyone?

I'm particularly interested in the harmonics of evolution. We see them at play in Systems of Decimal Octave Evolution and in The Complexity of Ancient Humanity.

The Well of Being