Humans are acceptable

Acceptance is the bridge from suffering to bliss. Resistance strengthens its target. Practice deepens the rut, whereas play greases the groove.

This tenet is the mirror image of one of the core themes of the human story: humans are exceptional. If you don't believe me, do a cursory search for "what makes humans unique". In this vein of separatism, one will discover a host of theories, and books on each one, stretching back into the annals of history. (I'd better rope off a post for another time on this wide spectrum of pseudoscience.)

The truth is that humans, as a species, as a group, generally speaking, are not exceptional. Nothing sets humans as a group apart from nature. This sort of thinking, where every member of a group is assumed to possess the same qualities or character just by dint of belonging to that group, is the essential kernel of bigotry, which leads its victims to hold certain types of others as unacceptable or intolerable.

Of course, each individual is exceptional, as is every sacred morsel in the grand cornucopia of life. Recognizing the sacredness of any being we might have once classified as a human helps us to remember that that being, like any being in any form, is unique, fallible, forgivable, and acceptable.

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Humans are acceptable