Fil and the Well of Being

Very long ago but not so far away, Fil became aware in a wiggly moment.

The sirens had wailed all night and winnowed out with the sunrise.

Sovereignty and We: Wee Fil and the Quest for Free Will

Determinism vs determination: too free or not too free?

We can test for free will by designing a choice for the willful subject where one option benefits the being and the other plays out to its detriment. Choosing the latter may be evidence of freedom; twice the latter even moreso.

The question then becomes, who is choosing? What is being? What is "it" who benefits or is hurt by the choice?

When the presence of conscious determination is falsifiably surmised, then too can we suspend the pendulum strings of putatively blind fate from the intentional clutches of you and me, or whichever egos now zoom about.

Fil and the Well of Being