Evil and good create each other anywhere they emerge

A vast many of the ventures in which we invest ourselves deign to solve a problem. Even those seemingly enlightened organizations who conjure business from thin air tend to run on a fundamental duality. Whether our aim is to "do no evil", or our solemn vow is "Don't let Earth suck", we attach to outcome and ignore the co-creative force of that attachment.

Put simply, one who seeks to solve a problem also creates a problem.

This tenet is the mirror image of yet another core theme of human culture: the quest to purge ourselves of sin, to conquer evil. But what is good without evil? Do they not co-generate and interpenetrate? Even the most vile tyrant had a mother. Would one who has never tasted love lash out for its lack? Likewise the pious know well the depths of depravity; peering into the darkness serves to deepen their devotion to the light.

As Victor over at Ei once asked me, "What if there were no problems to solve?"

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Evil and good create each other anywhere they emerge