About this Commonplace

Commonplace is where my working notes live and link together.

It is essentially a commonplace-book reimagined and retooled, arranged according to the zettelkasten method.

Originally built using Foam in VSCode, and published on Github Pages with a custom Jekyll theme. Later, I retooled it with a little help from my NextJS friends. That version lives here).

This "book" is structured roughly using the fair-method I have conceived as a riff on the para-method described by Tiago Forte. It is also very much under construction. I have only just gotten the content together.

One might also characterize this as a digital-garden. Few Commonplaces have been kept in public like the digital gardens such as those Maggie Appleton curates. This is both.

The guiding Tenets of Commonplace are under development.

There is still much todo ⚗️

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About this Commonplace