Wolftree Wagon

I don't feel seen and neither do yall

No one feels seen.

We think up a lack and then we miss that.

"I wish I felt seen."

But seen ain't a feeling.

Whose tears am I crying? I don't feel heard, and you do?

No body feels heard. We think that it's true and that makes it real.

"But I still want to feel heard just like you are." You can want all you want, But it's still not a feel.

Whose pulse am I raising? Whose paws am I pacing? Who caused this?

Who wends within a moon-bathed wolf silver shimmer seated soothseer sonorant shiver silk strung in sinew resonant still sultry shadow sorrowsword swallower splayed haunches tail coiled embers cool hips tender bowl of jelly soft belly shoulders back heart forward honey tones gentle growl lids loose and eyes wide

head high ears, face.. front.

Now we feel understanding, don't we?


A gust from Arunachala blows my mind clean the void echoes triumphant with a parade of vacants see, only archetypes sustain swirling in currents of chaos ignorance waltzing oblivion us, in essence and by nature

Whose pause do I await? Whose cause do I embrace?

I tend toward a sunblissed tree taproot in the well loam between the toes bark in the trunk swing in the limbs bend in the branch breath in the leaves dance in the breeze

Toes twinkle on frond frosted feet LAM LAM LAM

loins elasto-ecstatic with a bamboo back VAM VAM VAM

at the core hums metta karuna mudita RAM RAM RAM

as the heart thumps the one hug drum YAM YAM YAM

and the throat spouts a truth geyser surprise HAM HAM HAM

then the high and mighty brow unfurls AUM AUM AUM

we may now kiss the sky or this girl

Now I feel understood, and have you?

You see, on the Wolftree Wagon arms waving, tails wagging we don a magic mandala halo howl at the monkey in the mirror feel our full selves for real and let small minds fall aside in the forgotten forest where egos lie unseen and unheard waiting to rise up and strike back at the oppressors who keep us down

#tryingTooHard #sorryIAsked #dontTellMeHowToFeel

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