We are being experiencing becoming itself

We are being nothing, a dynamic field of static awareness in every direction in every dimension at every frequency no gaps, no bounds, all possibilities, colors, shapes, sizes. A chance to dance ecstatic.

We are being experiencing itself as a membrane, definer of boundaries, constructor of relativity, wave function crasher, attention peddler noticing this and that:

Them fear that cold hard dark, right? Us love what warm soft light what's left. The only justice is that it's just us.

We are being experiencing itself becoming rays of free willful light, individual differentiators intent set, inspired breath metta karuna mudita uppekha growing by the grace of gracias.

So our prophets regurgitate history: 100% postmodern recycled material sci-fi-techno-romance-pocalyptic reductionist church of tomorrow's tyrant.

Strange quarks and charm quarks neutrinos and bronies jihads and John the Baptist Darth Maul and dark matter

Make it rain universal basic bitcoin all over Siri in a VR Marvel Universe where Professor Xavier runs a CRISPRgarten for the Martian Colonial Academy to payload Elon's BFR and end up breathless on Mars. Or maybe before that, we'll remember who we are. Then the tough questions become trivial.

Who am I? The awareness of being knowing enjoying. Why am I here? Same answer. Why is the universe so finely tuned? The universe is our playground. We shape it this way, and every other way. What caused the Big Bang? We did. In order to be here now.


  • The field fluctuates as Being is Becoming.
  • The state of Being is the one complete set of fluctuations.
  • An event is:
    • a bounded set of fluctuations
    • the manifestation of a possibility
    • a transformation of the state of Being
    • a state-change
  • Number iterates differentiation.
    • Changes in the state of Being (state-changes) can be described discretely as events.
    • Time measures the propagation of state-changes through space.
    • I perceive state-changes, and thus events, by sensing fluctuations in wave functions.
  • I experience events.

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We are being experiencing becoming itself