on-your-marks, get set, go. It seems that perhaps how-becoming. Oops, that's the deep end. ๐Ÿคฟ

Beware, I am an unlicensed-poet. What you are about to encounter will question the integrity of your bowels for you.

Perhaps you will enjoy this untitled-piece of drooly drivel.

i-woke-up-today-hoping I could one day write a decent poem. Until that day, until coyotes-run-these-streets, we'll just let-the-wave-crash-over-us.

Total shit like beltwar. I mean, what!? There's one called wolftree-wagon that I almost surely didn't write. More recently I've been ive-been-homeless-and-less.

And in case you didn't hear ding-dong-the-dream-is-dead. Okay that one is quite a delight, but c'mon did I have to bring up vaccines? Mask on, fuck it, mask offโ€ฆ

We gourmands of the heart and the nooks tend to take the shortest-path between i-like-yr-nope and f-it.

There are pieces that no one would dare to read twice like rams-bumping-uglily and hundreds more like it, literally hundreds, as charming as organ-eyes.