Thursday, March 4, 2021

Amazing! This will work very well.

Checking in

Tonight in these wee hours when the babby somewhat slumbers at my elbow I am:

  • reconsidering where to rehost my Roam graph and how to use it
  • learning about Zettelkasten and how to read and write more effectively
  • looking at digital gardens, wherein we can share our incomplete and freeform ideas in order to see what grows
  • Next to integrate the Obsidian vault with this repo.
  • start hoeing up the turf to plant my digital garden

Commonplace Book

  • surveying Zettelkasten (card index) tools

    • Obsidian
      • Mac app that uses md, so closed source
      • similar to Roam, but uses md and not everything is a bullet
      • autoconverts Roam and Bear syntax to md-friendly format
    • Athens
      • Mac app that simulates Roam
      • an open source Roam clone
      • doesn't seem to offer advantages beyond Roam and lags behind the features of Roam
    • Foam
      • MDX in VS Code + Git
      • open source, Roamy, and also quirky and garnering its own community
      • plays well with Obsidian since they both use md and can be versioned with Git
    • there are many more that I've weeded out and will not detail here
  • I'm going to start out with a combo of:

    • Obsidian for local editing and the main event
    • Foam for publishing to a web-friendly digital garden and syncing with Github
    • Foamy NextJS for providing the graph in a readable format
      • and Netlify for publishing the NextJS app
      • or maybe I'll use adapt this graph-friendly Jekyll theme for Github Pages and call it Jekyllkasten which is hard to deny
  • Reading better

    • tear-out notes instead of margin notes
    • color-coded highlighting
    • after reading do a processing phase
      • follow/develop a process
      • collect notes
      • write a summary
    • Barbell Method
      • read swiftly once, marking notable passages
      • read the marked passages again, processing and expanding your insights
  • Writing notes

    • A Zettel has:


Today I feel grateful for Zephyr Bear's tiny steady nose breaths while he sleeps peacefully in his Dock-a-tot on the table next to my elbow. That at barely three weeks old he is sleeping at night and breathing through his nose, I am beyond amazed. And he can nearly hold his head up. What a wonder this kid is and will be.

And I feel grateful for diligent folks sharing their adventures. Folks like Maggie Appleton and Yenly who have graciously led me toward the digital-garden that will be home for so many scattered noodlings and loose leaves.

Thursday, March 4, 2021