What Is Worth Doing‽

or Which Way To Wu Wei‽

A Lazy One's Quest for Happiness



This question plagues me: what is worth doing?

My partner advises me to appeal to my elders, to the community. I try more and more to listen to her, and to heed her advice, as we approach the birth of our first child.

So while it may be painful to face this question directly, I am entering this practice with an expectation of catharsis, and with the intention to invite new insight into this, my central dilemma.


I don't know what is worth doing. Ahimsa has me gridlocked and stalemated. If you have resolved this for yourself, could you share your insight or understanding?


Every day I ask myself, and every day I fail to answer, a simple question: what is worth doing?

As a child, I would ask it, then dream of spaceflight and baseball stardom, of writing a great book, of formulating the GUT (Grand Unified Theory). My budding ego craved significance in the culture that shaped it.

In college, I would ask what is worth doing every semester as I registered for classes. And as I divined my way toward through seven majors,

Besides breathing, eating, and sleeping, which I may call into question before we are through here, what is worth doing?

Answers I've Tried

Counterpoints to Those

Answers I Haven't Tried

Counterpoints to Those

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What Is Worth Doing‽