The Whys Behind our Is

A Tour of Love and Fear

Today we're going to do some tracing (mainly back, so we won't need a pencil or tracing paper). The pathways we will follow have long been laid, though they may lay undiscovered in dust and dirt and muck. And as we mine down to the bottom of our well of being, we may want to ink indelibly those pathways we discover that serve us best. I provide some blank portions below for this purpose.

Here at the onset I want to posit a simple framework: every choice we make is rooted in either love or fear, and often both, but favoring one. We may find that we were unaware of considerable tracts of fear, or that the compost fertilizing our will to be free is a lovely, musky loam of love. Either way, this tracing exercise will exhume our motivations and leave us poised to be picky about the "Why"s behind our 'I's.

Now we'll tour the realm of the experience of being: field by field, theme by theme, some uniquely human and thus imaginary, and many quite universal and real. First, let's give our fields a quick fly-by:

  • Movement — An animal tends to wiggle. why-do-we-dance we-live-to-dance-and-dance-to-live
  • Desire — Are we born to want? Did we want to be born?
  • Fooddeuterostomes seek to fill the middle hole. Why eat what?
  • Sleep — Eventually one must rest. Yet we often can't sleep. Why come?
  • Play — Mammals learn through failure. But where stops the game?
  • Self — To be self-conscious is human. Of whom am I self-conscious?
  • Family — Every forest has its roots and seeds. Profoundly involuntary?
  • Morality — Authorities are like opinions. Who do we heed?
  • Mind — Cogito ergo zoom. Are we better mindful or mindless?
  • Money — Time = money = energy. What makes the world go 'round?
  • Work — It's all fun and gardens until somebody has a whip. Why work?
  • Health — We've got it till we don't. How do we weigh our ghosts?
  • Sex — 1001 Recipes for Tiny Death. Are we making love or sowing fear?
  • Marriage — Nothing lasts forever, except this stolid institution. Right?
  • Legacy — All this suffering has to mean something to someone someday.
  • Mortality — The deathly end lies unawares beneath the shroud. What matters? what-are-we-scared-to-lose

Surely there are more germane themes to discuss. We will let them arise naturally, as mushrooms from a rotten log.


The Whys Behind our Is