As I explore sovereignty, my spirit soars. Surely these are the flags along the path to liberation.

Some musings thus far include:

Oh and a poem or two. Breathe and Stop touches on sovereignty.

Sovereignty, true free will, responsible power, flows from the Crown Chakra when all is in harmony.

Inner vision of the Third Eye Chakra reveals that what we cannot find in the world waits in the Well.

Voice from the Throat Chakra is true. Words are not. Sing, don't talk.

At center in the Heart Chakra you know the truth. Here you find the Well.

Channel energy through the Navel Chakra, heed your gut feelings.

E-motions show you the way to flow. Trust the Sacrum Chakra to guide you toward love.

Troubled? Return to ground. The Root Chakra holds the trailhead back to center.