Pink and Sticky

Everybody molts white, to some degree. I keep shedding skins, pale dry corpse sleeves. And it hurts. A lot.

And then I find that I'm pink underneath. How about you? Are you molting too?

As more of us become willing to consort while tender and pink, as our soft shell crab selves, we're having visions, shared visions. Be they dreams? Or glimpses of brighter days to come…

The Land of the Pink and Sticky

It will take many moltings. We'll burn the man again and again until only humans remain. Then we'll bury the humans until we've got only beings left, beings who fail to distinguish one from another.

In the Land of the Pink and Sticky, national and state park systems have been abolished and disintegrated, as have the conservation efforts of NGOs like UNESCO. For that matter, any group known by an acronym has been disbanded. Corporations are no longer treated as persons for legal purposes, or as sovereign rulers for practical purposes. Lands, regions, and areas formerly reserved for privileged tourists to enjoy has been returned to the descendants of its indigenous stewards. Those who cannot trace their lineage or cultural heritage to natives of this land may humbly ask to share space with those who can. More broadly, land is no longer owned, it is cared for. Those who take responsibility for the stewardship of land will fight to protect the well-being and harmony of all who reside on it with the twin weapons of Shambhala: compassion and insight.

In the land of the Pink and Sticky, slavery has been abolished and disintegrated. No more do politicians win the votes of the drooling, shackled masses with the promise of more jobs. As the beneficent AIs have detected and quelled any and all propaganda from our information networks, we have reawakened from the Futurist nightmare of humans as machines. Suddenly, within a generation, there was hardly anything to produce. Billions of workers in Asia who had been slaves to their factories now possess their own time. In the US millions of prisoners

The young among us were not indoctrinated to base their self-worth on their utility or productivity. Instead we now invest all of our time in caring for our selves, our families, and the world nearby. Our needs are met more graciously with each passing harvest as the skies clear, the seas bloom with life, and the forests lush. Technology, the panacea of capitalism, performs what little essential labor remains as we, the people, focus our energy on healing ourselves and our Earth. Regardening is a mostly hands-off practice that requires the swelling billions of now-sovereign former slaves.

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Pink and Sticky