Operation Full Smile

Originally submitted to the Design Science Studio program in the pandemic summer of 2020:

Planetary Solutions Media Fullerisms

The project I would like to offer has a few phases which may fit nicely into the decade of healing and reunion that you have laid out.

Design Science Decade Phases

2020-2021: RECONCILIATION and Commitment

Phase 1: Workfree/Fail School

Work can become obsolete as we automate and streamline the efforts we do not enjoy. For centuries now, the promise of capitalism to tip our lifestyles from labor to leisure has danced winnowing on the horizon. This has been a conscious choice for a fearful few clutching power as dominance, and an acquiescent regret for the unconscious masses punching the clocks. This system can change, however inconceivably complex our economy may seem, if we introduce concurrent shifts from the top and the bottom.

From a bottom-up perspective, today we have more unemployed citizens than ever. I like to think of this new state as Workfree. Rather than quibbling about the promise and pitfalls of universal basic income, rather than continuing to assume we have to "make a living", we can begin to gather for deprogramming, to relearn how to play, how to enjoy ourselves, how to relax. We can go to Fail School and remember how to Full Smile.

At Fail School/Full Smile Academy, we learn how to be well through play. We invite practitioners and teachers from a wide array of schools of play, healing, and therapy: yoga, reiki, ayurveda, gymnastics, dance, qi, craniosacral, epienergetic, chiropractic, holotropic, psychedelic, sound healing, the Fourth Way, transcendental meditation, and many more. Classes focus on self-healing, then on giving and receiving healing. We learn to dance, to sing, to move, to sit, to touch, to eat, to breathe, to sleep, to feel, to think, and to listen to ourselves and each other. Failure is required. Success is personal and optional, defined and redefined by each student as we cycle.

Initially we aim to design a model and a curriculum that can be replicated anywhere healers (those who heal) wish to play. Members of FS are both students and teachers, depending on the context. Members are encouraged to collude (literally to "play together”) to offer playful healing to the community, and to develop the curriculum as the cycles continue. FS seeks to avoid the commodification of healing and play, so it relies on the donation of goods, services, space, time, and energy as much as possible, and increasingly so.

2022-2023: RESTORATION and Capital-transfer

Phase 2: Kindest Regardenings

The aim of Kindest Regardenings is to deliver abused spaces back into the gentle hands of Lover Nature.

Where we once sought to capitalize every last acre of our fair planet, we now have oodles of dilapidated, condemned, unused, empty, foreclosed, and otherwise unneeded buildings, fields, and lots throughout the world. Given enough time and space, nature will reclaim these plots. However humanity has some bad habits: we pretend to own land and ideas (property), we convert nature into money (capitalism), and we reward those who succeed in these first two feats of deception (usury). Without conscious intent we will not allow nature the spacetime it needs to heal the blight we have wrought.

We can begin to strategically reclaim abused spaces as biome incubators, vertical farms, eco-habitats, regardening prototypes, experiments in rewilding. We choreograph a company of bacteria, algae, fungi, worms to reclaim and disintegrate the waste we have laid. Then we orchestrate regardening by mimicking and remixing existing ecosystems that are thriving or threatened.

The result of Kindest Regardenings will be verdant natural spaces teeming with biodiversity where only a few orbits before had been defunct agricultural/industrial wasteland left deserted, depleted and unarable.

2024-2025: RESILIENCE and Coming-together

Phase 3: Full Body Smile

By this point, Fail School will have transformed into Full Smile Academy. Full Smile can grow in many dimensions as our needs shift. As we heal from our systemic, inherited trauma, we will remember how to live and how to be well. Full Smile will develop a qualitative, evolving sense of holistic well-being that members will apply to evaluate themselves and their impact on the world.

Full Body Smile focuses on our physical well-being, eliminating disease by finding its roots in the story of separation that generates all of our fears, guilt, shame, spite, and suffering. With the ease that flows from accepting our intricate interconnection with the denizens, vapors, serums, and minerals of our planet, we will see our suffering melt away.

2026-2027: REGENERATION and Celebration

Phase 4: More Full Smiles!

Full Belly Smile guides our food consumption and production toward maximum nourishment and zero waste.

Full Baby Smile helps us optimize our reproduction and welcome new humans with conscious grace. Once we accept our place in the world, we won’t be as tempted to blanket the globe with humans. We will value quality over quantity once again, and endeavor to produce a Goldilocksian population that is maximally harmonious with all of life on Earth.

2028-2029: REJOICING and the Circularity

Phase 5: Full Being Smile

Having caught but a meager glimpse of the potential to create beauty and harmony that sits within each and all of us waiting to blossom and cross-pollinate, I can only offer broad strokes and a rough sketch of "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”. Charles Eisenstein paints us a glorious picture that I encourage us to attend and revisit. As we reclaim our lives from work, our time and natural resources from hurried monetization, we open the post-human chapter of life on Earth where we can pursue bliss and harmony upon common ground with all beings.

Full Being Smile represents the widespread recognition of conscious loving awareness in all forms of life, in creatures micro- and macrocosmic, from the quark to the quasar. This phase of our evolution may take a bit more than a decade, but with it comes the release of ethical and moral concerns, the eradication of injustice, and possibly the end of negative emotion as the pendulum swings back from the shadows and the atrocities we have committed in the name of humanity.

When we see with our cosmic eyes (I, I), all is one and all is love.

The Form Factor of Full Smile

These projects are principally experiential and participatory. All of these projects can greatly benefit from ingenious injections of art, design, and science in digital, sculptural, graphic, ecological, archeological, and architectural forms.

Fail School comprises fully interactive classes where self-healers play together. Initially, while the spectre of Coronation haunts us, we may develop the curriculum and prototype classes digitally.

Kindest Regardenings is somewhat sculptural and architectural, as we will endeavor to reclaim abused buildings and landscapes for our Lover Nature. Responsibly digesting the waste of the industrial age poses an ecological challenge of immense complexity. We must follow our shining stars back to the Garden.

Full Smile will evolve most gracefully if we devote physical space and digital space to our programs of healing through play. Many of us will approach play and healing from different directions, and we can all meet in the heart center.


Full Smile is a notably bottom-up approach to universal harmony. The impact then is likely to be small and subtle at first, as though one's heart begins to ring faintly like a bell as it beats, barely audible even to the heart-bearer themself. When another heart comes near a bell-tone heart, it too begins to ring faintly, choosing a tone harmonic to the heart from whom it learned to ring.

The Game of Life ensues and the universe becomes a great resonant CLANG. That's Full Smile.


The immediate success of Full Smile is in the name and then it's all over your face. Like, allllll over it. If your face is successful, another full smile will appear in your immediate vicinity. These smiles can freely repeat as much as you and y'all would like.

By 2030 we'll have Full City Oms every day at 2:22 pm. And Full Smile World will have coalesced to operate Full Smile Studios in 160+ countries on 6 continents.

Themes and Morals

Thich Nhat Hanh calls it Interbeing. The sense that no bubble is separate from the foam. A raw firsthand understanding of Interbeing induces what I can only describe as Atomic Awe. After the shockwave passes, there is much to reintegrate. And often before we can, our ego bubble shield begins to re-congeal as we are caught in the crossfire slung by deluded beings lashing out in the fear that oozes from the wound of illusory isolation. In short, we can provide aloe for sunburnt souls, cozy hugs for frozen woes, giggles for wiggles, and a safe zone to let ghosts go.

Calls to Action

Help us develop the cookbook of recipes and the playbook of rituals for Full Smile gatherings. Share your favorite techniques for healing and forms of play (aka games).

Calls to Action (external)

Operation Full Smile will need a prime location in each community, ideally a now-defunct storefront to be refurbished as a healing and play space.


Full Smile Monster is our shadow org. It hacks, infiltrates, and digests bad actors then channels their resources into Full Smile World.

Internal Bio of the Artist

I am plural, more us than me: spirit-soul-mind-body lover-healer-partner-buddy brother-son-father-to-be citizen-neighbor-friend entrepreneur-flΓ’neur-amateur experiencer-experiencing-experience producer-developer-designer recovering intellectual property attorney owlionightingalehorsebearmothbeemutt budding gardener-chef-brewer storybook writer poet-as-pupa yantric artist esoteric acolyte self-identified un-ist conscious loving awareness

And truly I am none of these nouns, these bubbles I am always only echoing in the vibratory field of being-knowing-enjoying, satchitananda I am embodying patterns in the foam emerging still and silent from the well of being seated at the core of our heart center.

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