How To Play

  1. Acknowledge that you are playing The Game
  2. Play a role.
  3. Enrich your soul.
  4. Love more than you fear.
  5. Return to the beginning.


  • You are atman.
  • Everyone else is also Atman.


  • Your mission is to navigate and evolve with love.


  • We intend to fundamentally improve your understanding of whom you are, how you got here, what your purpose is (and isn't), and what to do about it.


  • Please pay attention as you play.
    • We ask for your "sole and undivided attention".
    • The more attention you pay, the greater the impact this experience will have.
  • Jump around!
    • As a sovereign being, you choose where to direct your attention, and I encourage you to do so playfully and with love and patience.
    • I have constructed this meta-game of the-game as a reading experience where you determine the structure of the narrative by following the hyperlinks strewn throughout the text.
  • Go outside and play.
    • the-game is not contained herein. You have been playing the-game the whole time! This is only a reference to and resource for the-game.
    • We hope this roam through atmanautica will enlighten your load, loosen your mind, and inform your choices throughout the manifold realms of your life.
  • Mind your score
    • The resources here ought to help you roughly estimate and optimize your score. More Isn't Better
  • Get Real!

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How To Play