Full Smile

Reexamining life as though the goal is bliss.

Once encapsulated and submitted as Operation Full Smile for the Design Science Studio of 2020. They at the Bucky Fuller Institute and HabRitual turned it down, with no other comment or explanation.

As many of you know, life is what you manifest. What if we could learn How to breed bliss?

And yet many of us spend our days spinning on the wheel of misfortune. If we can learn to transmute our negative emotions into positive ones, using something like dr-healhurts-wheel, we can elevate our selves out of the mires of suffering and begin to ride the wheel of fortune instead.

Another path to bliss is from the ground up, from root to crown. We can endeavor to make our whole self sing, we can full-body-smile.

Or maybe we want to focus on society. Why not throw a juega-party? Why not go workfree?

There are 100-things-to-do, and more.

Everyone has extra food. 40% goes to waste worldwide. And yet 10M died of hunger last year, mostly in Africa we are told. Africa is far away, but we can pretty easily feed the hungry nearby. We just need to have a pantry-raid every now and then.

Full Smile