Free Will

  • gives rise to concepts like responsibility, guilt, culpability

  • Others models of causality - Determinism - a higher mind has written this play and we are actors in it - Randomness - Elementary particles vibrate and wiggle in a seemingly random manner, leaving us with probabilities rather than certainties at the smallest scales of reality. Their positions cannot be observed at the same instant as their trajectories. - If everything in this universe is made of particles subject to these quantum probabilities, then nothing can be certain, dictated, or predicted. Standard Model of Elementary Particles - from Wikipedia

  • intent constrained by a ruleset and operating with incomplete data for deductive reasoning.

    • With complete data, our will would cease to be free, as the perfect choices would be readily apparent. Ignorance and free will co-create each other.
    • Complete data would undermine the value of free will as a tool for evolving the quality of our consciousness/cnxns and its core abilities of attention and intent to resolve our ignorance.
    • Consciousness operating with complete data would be deterministic and subject to analytically verifiable evaluations of quality. There is nothing to be learned or improved if consciousness has complete data, i.e., no ignorance.
Free Will