Experiencing The Domain Of Possibilities From Manifested Reality

  • originally:: #FN02
  • Stardate:: April 24th, 2018
  • intuition taps into future possible and probable state vectors to fuel wise choices without deliberation.
  • Desperation or depression sinks in when the ego, its fear, desire, and
  • expectation throw shade on all choices that lead to good future states.
  • Suicidal tendencies also arise in this manner.
  • Delusion is usually a product of the ego.
    • Excessive focus on unactualized states can leave us fantasy prone.
  • Contemplation of past unactualized reality state vectors gives us an analytical framework to evaluate current and future choices and their weights and impact.
  • memory recall is the result of a query (whether conscious, subconscious, or even unconscious) sent into the field of morphic-resonance or to the AUM for an actualized past reality state vector.
    • Revisiting unactualized past vectors is more akin to visiting possible future vectors than it is to the present moment, the eternal now, because in along those past and future vectors other beings make their choices probabilistically rather than freely.
Experiencing The Domain Of Possibilities From Manifested Reality