• aka:: "a whereβ€’ness"
  • lead:: What You Are, For One and All
  • def:: CNXNS localized somewhere relative to somewhere else to allow existence to experience itself.
  • originally:: May 11th, 2018
  • Awareness has one ability: it tends. The one becomes two. #tao-te-ching
    • Attention: To tend to, or toward, is to attend.
      • attention is bound, limited, finite. We pay attention, dissipating bound energy to collect and organize information.
    • Intent: To tend in, or within, is to intend.
  • You are the one who has made it #NowHere and will continue to be.
  • No physical reality exists that awareness does not experience.
  • awareness can impact its experience of reality by directing and focusing its attention inward and outward.
    • Attention focused "inward" produces a mental or spiritual experience for awareness.
    • Whereas attention focused "outward" produces awareness of a physical experience.
  • The brain is not the source of awareness or experience,
    • but rather is an interface between awareness and the World or physical reality that functions in part as an experiential theater, and in part as an antenna.
    • Patterns of neuronal activity occur in the brain that represent our physical and mental experiences.
    • The nervous-system (which of course includes the Brain) is a highly sensitive membrane that functions as an experiential interface between you (awareness) and everywhere else within cnxns-existence.
  • ""Any differentiated area of reality can be aware if that area is capable of being impacted by other differentiated areas of reality.""

A Witness and Maker of Changes

  • Awareness comes to exist anywhere that change is experienced. It is fair to assume that any awareness shares the fundamental qualities of the consciousness of which it is a facet and/or droplet.
    • Consciousness possesses ignorance by default, moves through and due to love, and is able to tend, which bifurcates into its fundamental abilities of attention and intent.
    • So then conscious awareness shares in these qualities and properties.
  • Can we demonstrate the presence of these properties using open-minded, skeptical, scientific inquiry? #big-hard-questions
    • We measure the experience of change with time, so anywhere we observe time to pass may be home to verifiable awareness.
    • ignorance is evidenced by actions taken with incomplete information that lead to unintended outcomes.
    • love is present where we find affinity at play or where acts of creation or creativity occur.
    • attention is behind any shift in focus, and serves to determine what is experienced, and as such, what is real.
      • The act of attention triggers waveforms to collapse, the cloud of possibilities to coalesce, what could be to be.
    • intent sits in any volitional act, motivates every choice, and underpins any event that could have gone another way.
      • Nota Bene:: randomness is an illusion we tend to accept when intent is blurred by distance, hidden by delay, or masked by complexity.

Forms of Awareness

  • The butterfly who redirects a tornado flutters with intent, however incomplete its vision of the impact might be. #ignorance
  • A volcano erupts without cause or warning, or does it? #gaia
  • At the other extreme, we puzzle about the origin of life.
    • Supposing it began on Earth, that self-organizing molecules occurred in a tide pool some 3.5 billion years ago, were they aware?
    • As they formed a membrane that could hold in fluid homeostasis precise concentrations of minerals and raw materials such that amino acids spontaneously formed inside, were they aware? #abiogenesis
    • We have observed the non-local, simultaneous development of new crystal structures and molecular assemblies.
      • For example, ice-9, a strange and until recently only theoretical molecular assembly of super cold crystalline water, was discovered in the Arctic here on Earth after decades of searching only weeks after it was spotted on a moon of Jupiter by a passing satellite. #needSupport
      • Rupert Sheldrake posits that morphic-resonance can explain such phenomena. Perhaps the first self-organizing membranous molecules arose through a similar non-local, resonant dynamic.
  • Why too could the stars not be aware? #big-hard-questions
    • We surely would struggle to communicate or correspond with an awareness (or even a conscious being) of that enormity and potency. How could we relate?
    • But should we discount the possibility entirely?
  • Awareness may have already taken many forms which we have been slow to recognize, but which we regularly encounter.

From Get Real research

  • We are often not aware of the unconscious, preconscious, and subconscious processes.
  • Readiness potential experiments demonstrate that we are sometimes not aware of our intent until it has been expressed.
  • Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact - OED
  • Consciousness localized somewhere, in "a where", allowing it to experience itself.

"So far, they haven't been successful, and even if they were, such a theory wouldn't account for everything that's known to exist in the universe, for the universe also contains the nonphysical realities we call awareness and consciousness."

  • URT, Loc. 110

"Thus, we'll demonstrate that consciousness doesn't somehow arise at some later stage in the evolution of existence, but rather that the evolution of existence into experience isn't other than the evolution of consciousness into awareness and that experiential reality itself is what's created at a certain stage in the evolution of consciousness-existence."

Kaufman, Steven. Unified Reality Theory: The Evolution of Existence into Experience (Kindle Locations 256-259). Balboa Press. Kindle Edition.