The second step in the FAIR Method. Once we have forgotten what we thought we knew, returning to our innate ignorance, the thirst for being-knowing-enjoying (satΒ·chitΒ·ananda) is renewed. Connect with our senses, we strive to dissolve the filters of perception and see things as they really are. We pay attention so that someday we might strike it rich and grok the true-true.

Recent fascinations

  • Get Real - a somewhat laughably naive exploration of being-knowing-enjoying, existence-consciousness-bliss

  • Full Smile - a now-comically tragic initiative begun in 2019 to bring full smiles to a populace who now masks its mouths

  • Atmanaut - exploring the spirit we share from any perspective that arises

  • Sovereignty - in the wake of our dubious Coronation, I began investigating our chances at real, personal sovereignty

  • And even some half-baked stories, like:

Previous I called this section Areas, following the second tier of PARA method. These are important but not time-sensitive pursuits. I keep notes about my areas of responsibility and pointed interest, even some that don't map tightly to what I intend (but not many, less and less).